New Testament and Catholic Schools Processed by Talmudic Dialectics

“As above, so below,” so says the Hermetic tenet. What happens in Rome is happening in the local parishes. Benedict and his favorite rabbi, Jacob Neusner have demonstrated how it should be done. Background on that HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. And evidence of it’s filtration down to the parishes is supplied below.

Anyone who has read the talmudic texts will recognize the dialectical pilpul at play here–the lawyerly process of synthesizing anti-biblical interpretations of biblical texts. What makes it even more diabolical here is that one of the rabbis engaged in the process is wearing a priest suit and the subject is the New Testament.

Also relevant is the method by which Benedict and Kasper’s favorite Hasidic sophist, Martin Buber synthesized change and “new truths” through dialogue, a process which he called “dialogical thinking” HERE.

Workshop bridges Catholic, Jewish beliefs
By Cortney Fielding

… Searching for answers to students’ probing questions, Bonar and 35 other teachers from Catholic schools across Los Angeles County participated last week in the Anti-Defamation League’s fifth-annual regional “Bearing Witness” program at the American Jewish University in West Los Angeles.

Through an intensive three-day workshop of lectures and discussions led by Jewish and Catholic leaders, scholars and Holocaust survivors, the program provides Catholic school teachers with the training and resources necessary to teach their students about anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Catholic-Jewish relations, said Matt Freedman, an associate director at the Anti-Defamation League …

Evette Escamilla, a sixth- and seventh-grade history teacher at St. Marianne’s Catholic school in Pico Rivera, said her school valued the opportunity to be part of a dialogue that could be introduced into the classroom.

“Our principal really urged us to come and participate in this week of discussion and reflection,” she said. “It’s wonderful that we actually get to experience this.”

Escamilla said she was most intrigued by a dialogue session between a rabbi and priest, who offered up similar interpretations of events chronicled in the Christian New Testament.

After the dialectical sorcery is done and the Catholic school teachers have been processed to believe that these Talmudic Khazar swindlers are somehow related to Jesus Christ, they’re compelled to transmit this mental virus to the children back at their schools:

“The person we follow as Catholics is Jewish. We can’t ignore his Jewishness,” said Bonar. “We can’t ignore this context when we teach our own religion. Ignoring it plants these seeds of hate.”

full article:

More on the joint USCCB and ADL plan for the subversion of Catholic schools, “Bearing Witness” HERE.



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