Listen to Fr. Charles Coughlin’s Radio Addresses

The establishment has never stopped slandering and smearing the great American and gifted orator, Fr. Charles Coughlin since he rose to prominence in the 1930’s as one of the nation’s first modern media political spokesmen with an audience said to be as large as 40 million. Fr. Coughlin undoubtedly had great influence in the United States and he used his influence to generate opposition to the murderous Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler and the ever more murderous regime of “Uncle” Joe Stalin whom few of Fr. Coughlin’s enemies would ever utter a word against, much less the blood-drenched “Russian” Bolsheviks.

Fr. Coughlin was able to see the dialectic between the tyrannical anti-Christian regimes of both Nazism and Communism and he refused to support either. He fought with all of his strength to alert Americans to the plans of the warmongering Cheneys, Wolfowitzes and Ledeens of his day and he did this not on a blog with a few thousand readers but through the most advanced mainstream media technology of the day, the radio, reaching tens of millions of listeners in his weekly major network broadcasts. Naturally, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, WJC and AJC, et al, would do everything in their power to destroy such a courageous, influential, true Christian speaker with so many listeners. Indeed, their attack has never ceased. So successful have they been in blackening Fr. Coughlin’s name that even the most “militant” “traditional” Catholics will not mention it above a whisper, if at all. But in his day, Fr. Coughlin had strong support from a large percentage of the entire U.S. population: Catholic and non-Catholic.

The accusations heaped upon Fr. Coughlin are too many and too absurd to even address and the slanders innumerable. I ask that people listen to his addresses and decide for themselves if the extreme hatred directed towards Fr. Coughlin is based upon any great fault of his, or based in the fact that he had the dirt on a great many subversives working in the U.S. I’m assured that those who take the time to listen will hear in his account an unmistakable resemblance to our present dilemma.

Fr. Coughlin left some things to be desired in his approach. He cited the “Protocols,” as did Fr. Denis Fahey, when it was not necessary to reference questionable documents, and when doing so only supplied his enemies with ammunition. He also posited a bad/good dialectic between “atheistic ‘Jews'” and “religious ‘Jews’.” But these faults cannot overshadow Fr. Coughlin’s many virtues and accomplishments.

For any true Christian with any sense of patriotism to forsake the example of courageous leadership given by Fr. Coughlin and allow his legacy to be demolished is an unspeakable betrayal. We could sure use a Fr. Coughlin right now.

Fr. Coughlin’s radio addresses from 1937-1940 are archived and available for download for free, here:


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