The Role of the Merchants of Venom

The following is the preface to the pamphlet, “The Role of the Merchants of Venom” by Michael A. Hoffman II:

“The purpose of this writing is to demonstrate that hatred of Judaic people is exactly the sentiment that the rabbis seek to induce in the goyim (gentiles). This secret tactic is propounded in the Zohar.

If one hates Judaics or is part of an organization or subscribes to an ideology that has it’s foundation in the hatred of Judaic people, one is fulfilling the expectations of the Talmudic and Kabbalistic rabbis and playing directly into their hands. Ultimately, “Jew haters” are puppets of rabbis; they are acting a role in a psychodrama scripted by the Gemara and the Kabbalah.

Victory over Judaism and Zionism can only be achieved by detesting the wicked and murderous Judaic and Zionist ideologies and fearlessly exposing them for what they are, while loving those who have been deluded by or through them, including those who are advocates and practitioners of these most toxic of all ideologies. The strategy is not based on mystical, religious “Churchianity,” but upon the science of human relations as it applies to the psychology of paranoid totalitarian systems. This is the highest teaching one can impart on this subject and the only effective means of overcoming Judaism and Zionism.

Those who have gained significant inside knowledge of Zionism and Judaism have historically fallen into the trap of hating Judaics, and as a result, either have had their power manipulated, coopted and redirected, as did Henry Ford and Adolph Hitler, or were neutralized and subsequently collapsed into oblivion and defeat; examples of the latter being to lengthy to enumerate.

Proud to Be Hated

By Boruch Younger

Last week we discussed how the sentiment of hate for the Jews felt throughout the ages has nothing to do with our behavior, rather it is a fact of life similar to gravity. Hashem fabricated it this way in order to keep us separate from the people and culture that surround us ready to engulf us. We quoted the Meshech Chochma who comments on the teva of Yidden to advance and integrate in any society, thus endangering their future as the Jewish people. Therefore every time they rise to a level where they feel comfortable and at home, a wind of hate suddenly blows them away from their high status and they are forced to start all over again. Knowing that the source of the hate we face is the same sentiment that Esav has for Yaakov and all subsequent generations respectively, is somewhat soothing and fills us with pride at being in good company to be hated for being Hashem’s Chosen People.

The timely, excellent pamphlet by Michael A. Hoffman, “The Role of the Merchants of Venom” can be ordered at the following link:


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