Root & Branch Noahide Conference

The rabbis are getting that messianic feeling … again. This is very bad news for the world.

THE TENTH Root & Branch Association Jerusalem Conference on the Noahide Covenant and Laws, chaired by Rabbi Yehoshua Friedman. Will take place on Monday, October 15 and Thursday, October 18. Keynote addresses will be “Identifying Mashiach” by Rabbi Ze’ev Leff 10:30-11:30 a.m. on Monday and, on Thursday, “Contributions of Torah Thought to Humanity” by Rabbi Yaakov Rozenberg (7:00 p.m.); “The End of Days and the Noahide Laws” by Rabbi Yoel Schwartz (8:00 p.m.); “How to be more Jewish without being less Human” by Rabbi Yehoshua Friedman (9:00 p.m.). The conference will be held at the Israel Center, 22 Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem. For further information, call: (02) 566-7787.

Hans Kung, Pied Noahide Piper

Papal Commission Promotes Noahide Laws

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