Vatican: "Christians Can Learn Much From ‘Jewish’ Exegesis of Past 2000 Years"

The Vatican sez:

… Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish reading of the Bible is a possible one …

… Christians can, nonetheless, learn much from Jewish exegesis practised for more than two thousand years …

(The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible, Pontifical Biblical Commission, Vatican, May 24th, 2001)

… Jewish biblical scholarship in all its richness, from its origins in antiquity down to the present day, is an asset of the highest value for the exegesis of both Testaments …

(The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, Pontifical Biblical Commission, Vatican, March 18, 1994)

Both of these documents were signed by Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI.

Here is a representative example of Judaic exegesis of Old Testament scripture from the past 2000 years. I leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions as to the Vatican’s statements in reference to it:

Rabbi Eleazar further stated: What is meant by the Scriptural text, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh? (Genesis 2;23) This teaches that Adam had intercourse with every beast and animal but found no satisfaction until he cohabited with Eve. (Babylonian Talmud, Yebamoth, 63a, London, The Soncino Press, 1961)


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