Motu Proprio Held Up By Process Of Kosher Certification

Another extremely senior clerical source tells me that the motu proprio is still coming, but that, as other blogs have reported, it might in fact not be this month after all. It appears the Pope, concerned by the German protest and holding his compatriot bishops close tohis heart, wanted to see if the protest would take on a more international flavour. Of particular concern is the Good Friday prayer for the conversion of Jews. Cardinal Kasper, of course, President of the Council of Christians and Jews, will have objected strongly to this. This prayer, rightly, is expected to come out. In its place might go one of the many available traditional prayers emphasising the Catholic Church’s ‘unique’ role in salvation.

Full article:

EDITOR’S NOTE: I would warn those who have a strong attachment to the traditional liturgy and rubrics that it is the Gospel, not the liturgy, which is the primary target of the rabbis. This is not to say that the actual text of the Gospel could be altered as cavalierly as the liturgy has been, but the interpretation certainly can be, as it has already been.

If the Motu Proprio is promulgated, I expect there to be many traditional Latin Masses with the smell of incense strong in the air, flawlessly executed rubrics, perfectly authentic Roman vestments, beautifully performed hymns and chants, during which one will hear sermons of rabbi-approved theology. This is nothing to celebrate. It’s diabolical, and I’ve seen examples of this taking place already. What’s worse, I see very little from those who hear these camel-sized errors that would indicate any suspicion on their part.

The theology of a priest dressed as a clown will not be taken seriously by conservative minded people. Theology preached by a pious looking priest in traditional vestments, on the other hand, is more likely to be accepted at face value.

Keep your eyes on the Gospel. The Motu Proprio is likely a bone intended to create the impression of a step taken forward towards the restoration of orthodoxy. The ten steps backwards will come at the 2008 synod when Catholic scriptural exegesis will be subjected to the next stage of the kosher certification process.

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