Primary Consideration for Sainthood: Were They Good For "The Jews"

Abe Foxman sez:

“While we understand that the process of sainthood is an internal matter for the Church, the issue of what Pius XII did or did not do to help save Jews during the Holocaust is a profound question that must be resolved first for the sake of the Jewish-Catholic relationship.”

In essence, Foxman is saying that he realizes that the process of sainthood is an internal matter for the Church, but he’s making it his business anyway. And his business is framing everything under the sun in the context of how it serves “The Jews.” This is the benefit yielded from decades of Catholic-Judaic dialog with psychopaths such as Foxman–Catholic saints are now judged primarily upon the criteria of how good they were for “The Jews.” “Saint” Escriva: good; Saint Simon of Trent: bad. No reciprocal revision of Judaic hagiography is taking place nor is it expected to. This is what Foxman threatens is at stake? He can keep it.

Could you imagine the rabbis admitting to, and making amends for, the genocidal racism of their great saint, Rabbi Simon ben Yohai and his tenet, “even the best of the Gentiles should be killed”? But here is Foxman telling us that Pius XII is not worthy of sainthood because he didn’t do enough to stop an imaginary “genocide” of “The Jews.”

Pius XII certainly did take actions to relieve Judaic persons of the persecutions that truly were taking place. It could be said that he did as least as much for Judaics as he did for Christians who were being slaughtered and starved to death in Russia prior to and during WWII, and in Europe during and after the war. But Christian casualties don’t concern Foxman. They’re not “Jews.” And of course, probing too deeply into that matter could reveal the ugly fact that there are many “Jews” to be blamed for those Christian casualties. Better to keep the heat on the Catholics, Foxman reckons.

But that’s not the way I see it. I figure, if Foxman has set the standard for Christian sainthood based upon how good the candidate was for “The Jews” during WWII, then that standard is at least as fair a gauge to judge his fellow Zionist power brokers by. So then, the question must be asked, what heroic actions were taking place on the part of Zionist leadership during WWII for people of Judaic background? I seem to recall that many of them were cooperating with Nazi leadership and that they didn’t care much to stop the Nazi deportation program because it served their purpose–namely, moving “The Jews” from Europe to Palestine to set up a “Jewish” state. This claim may seem incredible to some but it’s well documented:

The truth is that Foxman himself and his ilk aren’t very good for Judaic persons, not in their intent, and certainly not in the association they create between their insane chutzpah and “Jewishness.”

Catholics should know, however, that this slander campaign against Pius XII did not begin with Abe Foxman. It originates from one who is on the fast track to kosher sainthood:

New research reveals rare criticism from within the Vatican of Holocaust-era pope Pius XII for his silence in the face of the destruction of European Jewry …

Prof. Dina Porat, who headed the Project for the Study of Anti-Semitism at Tel Aviv University, centered her research on criticism of Pius XII from the Papal Nuncio Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who 15 years later became Pope John XXIII. (Amiram Barkat, Haaretz, 01/12/2006)

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