The Kosher Racket

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a fabulous scheme, and Benedict XVI’s elder brothers are getting bloody rich at it. Granted, the kosher racket pales in comparison to the Shoah business, but it’s impressive, nonetheless.

According to Menachem Lubinsky, editor of “Kosher Today” and owner of Lubicon Marketing and Consulting, there are 10.5 million kosher consumers in the United States, 10,650 companies in the United States whose products are under kosher supervision, and 98,000 kosher certified products. Not to mention bakeries, restaurants and kosher markets in many cities and towns throughout the country. And it is the “mashgiach” who has the important job of “watching over” factories, caterers, restaurants, butchers and kosher stores to make sure “everything is kosher.”

According to Lubinsky of Lubicon, “The dollar value of the kosher market is $10.5 billion.”

The article fails to mention the fact that the tax imposed upon the 10.5 million “kosher consumers” (see: Orthodox Judaics) is supplemented by 99.5% percent of the U.S.’s non-“kosher consumers.” Yes, any time you buy grocery items with the following symbols on them (it’s nearly impossible to grocery shop today without doing so) you are paying a tax to the rabbis:


5 Responses to “The Kosher Racket”

  1. rev'd up Says:

    Thieving devils! It’s time to go to the farmer’s market.

  2. rev'd up Says:

    Thieving devils! It’s time to go to the farmer’s market.

  3. rev'd up Says:

    Thieving devils! It’s time to go to the farmer’s market.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think that dollar amount regards the value of the total number of products receiving kosher certification, not the amount of money collected in certification fees.

  5. lynda Says:

    Don’t forget the rabbinical curses that attatch to Kosher products, specifically the curses on the Christians.

    Now how many times a day were the Talmudists supposed to curse the Christians. Three, I think. Please correct me if I am wrong. I certainly wouldn’t want to be engaging in ‘hate speech’. The penalties for that under the Noachide laws of the new world order are rather severe.

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