Christian Exegetes and "The Jews"

I have some questions for all Christian exegetes who have joined in the controversy of late surrounding “the Jews.”

Why do you associate Biblical scripture and prophesy pertaining to Jews from 2000 or more years ago to the people who today call themselves “Jews”?

What proof have you seen from any one of these people who today call themselves “Jews” that they’re true blood descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

Don’t you think that basing matters of faith and religion which, in turn, affect nearly every other aspect of our lives upon something so flimsy as a person or group’s verbal claim to be “Jews” is irresponsible to put it lightly?

Why do you refer to the terrorist-founded, racial supremacist, Old Testament negating, anti-Christ nation founded by self-styled “Jews” as “Israel”?

Are you a thinking person or a parrot?

If you answered “thinking person” to the above question, why do you parrot the terms “Jews” and “Israel” in reference to people who have no legitimate claim to either title? Because they said so? If so, don’t you think that’s a very foolish thing to do? I think it is.

Can you see the confusion that you create and the pitfalls which await your readers and listeners due to your unquestioning acceptance of the completely unsubstantiated claims of self-styled “Jews”?

Is there a more direct and clear prophesy in the entire book of Apocalypse than 2;9 or 3;9?

Shouldn’t we then be anticipating a people who say they are “Jews” and are not but do lie.?

Are you aware that the Judaic tradition permits lying to non-Judaics? If so, then why do you take Judaics at their word when they call themselves “Jews” and “Israel”?

Would your religion fall apart if you found out that the people who call themselves “Jews” aren’t really Jews? If so, would you consider the possibility that you’ve, perhaps, invested more capital into the role of “the Jews” in your religion than is prudent to do?

Are you willing to leave it in God’s very capable hands to preserve a remnant of true, blood Israel for the fulfilment of His prophesy that may not be identifiable to you or even themselves? Or must you be able to see and touch some “Jews” for your faith to remain unshaken?

Do you think that your readers and listeners would benefit immensely if you made clearer distinctions and used more precise language in dealing with matters pertaining to the religion of the Old Testament and rabbinic Judaism; the Jews of the Bible, and the people who call themselves “Jews” 2000 years later?

Who benefits from sloppy distinctions in these areas?

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